About Us

Balmoral stud pre-trainiing racehorses Balmoral's goal is excellence.  It is achieved to the extent possible through meticulously repeating tried and tested actions, through individual attention to each and every horse on the property, through focus on detail and through regular research into methods around the world and new developments.

The two core activities of Pre-Training for owners and trainers and of preparing youngsters for Ready to Run Sales are founded on tailoring each day for each horse.  Every day, up to 120 horses are trotted up at first light for inspection, immediate attention where necessary, and making a plan for his or her day.  Pre-trainers and Ready to Runs are joined by resting racehorses due to return to training. Daily work and exercise then follows, after which fillies in groups of 6-8 and colts in individual paddocks relax before coming in for an evening feed (the new Epol/Mike de Kock training mix where appropriate, with carefully selected supplements) and a night's rest.

Nicola and Marc Coppez (pictured above) lead tirelessly from the front, supported by a well-drilled team.

Nicola Coppez, a former jockey and trainer in Ireland and England, 3-day evented internationally for Ireland frequently as well as her race riding which included The Grand National.  Nicola's more than 20 years in backing, schooling and pre-training horses for racing is applied and constantly refreshed in serving South African owners and trainers. 


Megan Trott has been involved in the industry for the past 3 years. Starting off at the School of Excellence, graduating with distinction, she was awarded the scholarship for the English National Stud where she also graduated with distinction. After spending a short time back in South Africa she went on to work at Eliza Park in Australia where she specialised in yearling sales preparation, returning back to Balmoral before the Ready to Run Sale in 2015. 


Marc Coppez, an accomplished polo player, brings his own horsemanship in close support in sometimes extraordinary busy times as well as in coordinating the farm and business administration and working tirelessly with Nicola driving the diverse operation forward.